Castlemaine Town Hall Hotel

Castlemaine is a wonderful little town known for its thriving agriculture, tourism and arts industry. It has a rich history being a former gold mining town which can be seen throughout the town’s historic architecture with many magnificent colonial buildings to be admired. Some of the significant buildings still stand to show the prosperity the town had experienced during the 19th century when gold was discovered in 1851 and quickly populated to become a town on November 1st, 1853.

Castlemaine’s historic Theatre Royal was built in 1854 and is the oldest continually operating theatre in Australia, the Castlemaine Market is one of the most classical and distinctive historic buildings in Australia and was erected in 1861, the town hall built in 1898 still maintains its charm with distinctive red brick work whilst keeping its original internal elegance.

One of the most iconic buildings in Castlemaine is the hotel which has been operating as a luxurious boutique accommodation, boasting 6 bedrooms with ensuites, 3 reception rooms, fully equipped commercial kitchen with bar and cellar areas. Built in 1860, the hotel retains many features that reflect the era including high ceilings with elegant rosettes and cornices, fireplace mantels, English wallpaper and timber casements.

Things to do:

Boogaloo Invitational – For all car enthusiasts, the event is a tribute to traditional hot rot shows of the past and is a wonderful display of various hot rods from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s all in the one place.

Castlemaine Diggings Heritage Park – is Australia’s first National park and covers 7,500 hectares covering significant cultural landscapes and relics of the historic gold rush.

Old Castlemaine Goal – Built in 1861 with the last prisoners being moved out in 1990, the Pentonville-style goal has today become a highlight for tourists with guided tours through old cells and gallows.

Castlemaine Art Museum – Housed in an art deco building, the gallery features contemporary Australian art as well as a collection of indigenous and colonial history.